The public knows that Katie Holmes and Mr. Tom Cruise divorced because of his out of this world Scientology religion, but there is something that most people don’t know is that Holmes is absolutely getting it on by registering on WEALTHY MEN. Ms. Katie Holmes is an actress and is use to dating dudes with lots of money. There is no better location to go on dates with guys that have money and can spoil of the recently single Katie. You all might think Ms. Katie is moving on too fast in contacting to meet new guys, but she had thought about this divorce for months now. It was revealed she owned a disposable phone that a girl friend of hers gave her so that she can speak with attorneys without Tom finding out.

The divorce has been finalized quickly due to the Scientology community do not need the lime light on them. Of course they didn’t desire any additional attention as they only care to continue being this cult religion. Cruise already choose his next lover and Holmes will continue her search via WEALTHY MEN. Everyone is glad for her to be out in the dating world and chatting with dudes whom she will have a great future with. Don’t be stupefied if you see a gorgeous brunette who goes by the name of Ms. Katie Holmes on the WEALTHYMEN.

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